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comments from coworkers, partners and employees.


“Jon is successful in his role because he takes the time to work with the business unit team to understand the product and then interpret this knowledge into the design and creative strategy. Jon always goes the extra mile to ensure that the business unit needs are met. He'll put in the extra time required to produce a high quality project on a tight timeline.”

Denise Hopkins
Vice President, Marketing, Experian

Work environment

“As a commercial photographer, I've collaborated with Jon Nedry on many projects over the past several years. I've found Jon's creative direction, his organized and efficient way of operating, and his kind demeanor to be an exceptionally positive experience in the work environment. Jon is a real people person and every time we work together, success fueled by clarity, ease and respect is always a most welcomed outcome.”

Carl Studna

Building teams

“I have had the pleasure of supporting Jon Nedry in his role as Creative Director at Experian. Over the years he built a creative department that was highly respected by the enterprise because of the high level of creative and marketing initiatives they were able to deliver and because of the efficiency of the department.”

Brian Guidry
Director, Enterprise Solutions, Aquent


“I've worked with Jon Nedry for many years and have always found him to be a consummate professional. Jon has consistently proven himself to be a creative problem solver and is always a pleasure to work with.”

Jeff Joyce
President, Dual Graphics Inc.

Balancing business and creativitiy

“Jon Nedry is a talented individual who I have had the pleasure of working with over the last five years. He is a creative individual that balances the need for creativity with the need to achieve business results. He offers up ideas and approaches on projects that have helped us produce quality work that stands out in the industry.”

Chandos Quill
Vice President, Marketing, Experian

Design leadership

"Jon has been Creative Director and my primary client contact at Health Management Associates for four years. Jon provides exceptional leadership on the corporate brand as well as brand oversight for the hospital and program brands. His brand guidance is instrumental in everything from initial brand launch and graphic standards through collateral, website design, eNewsletters and advertising campaigns. His ability to combine creative and design best practices with efficient methods of execution continually push the creative and tactical execution to the next level."

Angela Lawrence
Managing Director, AcrobatAnt


"Jon is a highly creative, innovative and enthusiastic team player with a refreshing "out of the box" mindset. He implemented many top-rate projects and strategies while working as director of creative services at AMN Healthcare and was always eager to improve on and streamline processes in order to achieve results in a more organized and timely manner. His energy and passion for excellence ensured that all creative projects met the very highest standards."

Claire Brocato
Editorial Manager


"Jon makes creative design and leadership look easy. He's a highly skilled creative director who expertly matches visual effects to the message and audience. I look forward to projects with him because the process is smooth, professional and always well executed. He's an excellent communicator, well organized, and an exceptional project manager. Under Jon's leadership, everyone has the information and resources they need to excel. He's an extremely talented, knowledgeable and effective marketing professional, and I can't recommend Jon and his work strongly enough."

Lonna Ramirez
Writer, Editor and Content Manager


"I truly appreciate Jon's approach to support my team. One of his most significant contributions was when he developed an innovative online tool  to ensure all our hospital marketing directors had a resource to implement integrated campaigns or individual projects. I truly appreciated his work to build Marketing Central as a repository of the most creative materials availble to our teams. He was constantly looking for ways to improve the development process and provide helpful resources to those in the field."

Nicole Yucht
Division Marketing Manager - Health Management Associates